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The gutters on your roof serve an important function in dispersing rainwater and debris to keep your home water drainage systems running smoothly. However gutters can easily become clogged with dead leaves and debris and this can lead to major problems that can cause damage to your home and roof.

Therefore it's important to always keep your gutters clean but this can be a chore that most people tend to avoid. Plus it can be quite dangerous to be perched on a ladder at an awkward angle when clearing out a gutter.

The best solution is to opt for a gutter guardian and the good news is that Leafscreener has the best gutter guard system that are flexible enough to be used on all types of roofs.

The Leafscreener gutter guard system can be installed on all roof and gutter profiles (even box gutters) and is designed to stop leaves, twigs and gumnuts from entering the roof drainage system while allowing a maximum flow of water.

Depending on your needs, we have plastic gutter guard as well as metal gutter guard options. Both our products are made proudly by Ultraguard so you can be assured of the highest quality gutter guard solution in Australia.

Ultraguard Polyethylene Mesh

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) premium virgin polymer. High concentration of Ultraviolet (UV) stabiliser additive in conformance with required level as per Australian Standard AS1745-1989. The diamond shape raised rippled ribs in both the upper and lower section of the mesh is designed to break the surface tension of falling water to assist in the controlled penetration into gutters.

This gutter guardian has a life expectancy of 20-25 years (Accelerated Testing) while it has a manufacturer's guarantee of 10 years against UV degradation.

Ultraguard Metal Mesh

Ultraguard-Metal Mesh is an all new aluminium diamond pattern gutter protection mesh. Similar in all features to our premium Ultraguard Polyethylene product, Ultraguard-Metal Mesh has been developed in close conjunction with many of Australia's technical and governmental organisation including the CSIRO, Standards Australia, SES, Australian Water Quality Centre, and NSW Rural Fire Service to name a few. Ultraguard-Metal Mesh is fully compliant with AS3959 Building in Bush Fire Prone Areas and the standard in which councils nationally assess buildings within these regions.

We have been the pioneers in all seasons gutter guards in Sydney since 1989 and this has allowed us to focus on producing only quality products coupled with professional installations.

For your peace of mind, our gutter guard systems also use Colorbond accessories and Class 3 or 4 screws which are approved for use with Colorbond and Zincalume roofs.

Our gutter guard prices are extremely competitive and they are smart investments to help you maintain the safety and value of your home.

So don't risk the dangers associated with blocked gutters anymore. Call us today for the best gutter guard system in Sydney and its surrounding areas.





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